About Robinsons


Brought to you by Robinsons Bookshop, welcome to the Robinsons BookBlog!

We have a long legacy of literary love amongst our company and our community! More that just booksellers, we pride ourselves in the part we play to promote reading in all its forms, to people from all walks of life.

Join us here on our new adventure where we will bring you all the latest and greatest book news, recommendations, reviews and so much more!


The Robinsons story began in 1963 when we opened our very first bookshop in Victoria, Australia. This store quickly became a beacon of light for a community that didn’t even have a local library at the time. As a community we have worked hard to grow and provide readers all over the country with the books they truly want. Now we are proud to say that our bookshops can be found across twelve locations nationwide!

At Robinsons we firmly believe that books change lives, and so it is our ongoing mission to make sure that the right book ends up in the right hands. The Robinsons BookBlog is an exciting milestone for us and we look forward to helping you fight your perfect next read.